A few things you need to know about the color red: In Chinese culture, it’s believed painting your front door red will bring abundance, opportunities and happiness. In colonial America, a red door was a symbol of a safe haven. More recently, it has interior designers on every coast using it to brighten up powder rooms to kitchens.

Last year, Ball State University tapped Whetstone & Associates to update Bracken House. The space needed to keep in tradition with the style of the home, as well as reflect BSU’s personality – high energy and cutting edge. But most importantly, it needed to reflect the school’s primary color – red.


Want to know more? A few articles on the historic renovation: Inside Indiana Business, The Star Press, and three Ball State University news articles here, here and here.

In the Red

Last week, Pantone announced that the 2015 Color of the Year is Marsala and described the color as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red.” I would describe it as a reddish-brown hue or a rum raison.

Personally, I am on the fence about the color of the year. Color choice is subjective and deeply personal. When working with clients, I am guided by their preferences and not swayed by trends. However, it could be a beautiful color in many scenarios, so let’s take a look.


I would love to hear your opinion? Is Marsala a hit or a miss?

Accentuate the “accent” in your accent chair with a bold print. 

Bold colors, fun textures and modern shapes can breathe life back into a room with minimal effort. I spotted this chair and could not resist adding it to my showroom. It’s flexible enough for any room in your home that could use a little spark.


Make a statement, create a space for your morning coffee or just add a little energy to your room with a pop of red and this fun print. This chair runs $525. For more information, please give us a call at (317) 852-7041.

Exciting Announcement! Design for a Difference gets local presence and even more national attention.

Last year Whetstone & Associates announced Deanna’s selection as the South Central Regional winner for Design for a Difference – An International Design Guild Contest. Now a spokesperson for the contest, Deanna partnered with Blakely’s Flooring, this time for a pilot program, Design for a Difference Indianapolis.

Barb Fleming, president and designer at BAF Corp. and her charity of choice, Outside the Box – an organization that works to empower people with intellectual disabilities through education, leadership development and a customized career path – was the first winner of Design for a Difference Indianapolis. With the concept of retailers and designers partnering to give back to communities taking hold, Fleming, with the help of Deanna and Blakely’s, was able to secure nearly $75,000 in materials and labor. This was in addition to the $25,000 she received as the contest winner.


Well, word is out and Floor Trends Magazine featured 2015 Design for a Difference winner Stephanie Stroud’s remodel of Operation Breakthrough in its February issue along side Fleming’s renovation of Outside the Box.

For more information on Outside the Box and how you can donate, please visit

Spring Is In The Details

These spring trims are sparking day dreams of lazy afternoons lounging in sun rooms, surrounded by splashes of color after a long winter.

spring 3

spring 2

So many bright colors and designs!

spring 1

Last but not least, how fun is this? Trim samples as sushi.

spring 4

(Raise your hand if you are now craving sushi.)

2013 Design for a Difference

In August 2013 we learned that Deanna had been selected as the South Central Regional winner for Design for a Difference, an International Design Guild contest. Since that announcement, there has been a whirlwind of planning, travel, shopping, decorating, and filming of the grand prize winner’s charity of choice, Transitions Living Center located in Spokane, Washington. In addition to the grand prize project, a local effort to revitalize Deanna’s charity of choice, Dalton’s Food Pantry, located in Indianapolis was also underway. Fortunately there was a film crew to catch Deanna at work. It’s clear that Deanna is passionate when she says she enjoys helping others. Her enthusiasm has turned a small flooring allowance in to something much greater and it continues to gain momentum.

The Spokane project.

Deanna explains her local project with Dalton’s Food Pantry.

What’s next for Design for a Difference.

How To Give A Gift Of Home Decor

“Quick! Dig out the fluorescent platypus serving dish from the back of the closet! Your mother is on her way over!”

We’ve all heard those jokes right? And if we’re honest we’ve probably given a gift or two that maybe didn’t hit the mark but our friends and family love us so they continue to find a way to use that majestic platypus serving dish each time we drop by.

We like to recommend seasonal or disposable decor items instead. These types of home decor gifts give your gift recipient permission to not be obligated to love the item forever.  While we may be positive that our friend is just going to love that vase or botanical print, that isn’t always the case. They may love us dearly, just not our taste in home furnishings.

Christmas elf

Homework Fun

The kids might disagree but seriously, how fun is this pencil mirror? Isn’t it just perfect for a homework area? Or as part of a homeschool space?


We think the chair is pretty fabulous too. Sadly it does not include any pencil or other random school supply accents. They do make a perfect pair though don’t they?

September Means Fall!

We may be rushing the season a bit but after such heat and humidity it’s nice to think of the fall days that will soon be upon us.

Today at the showroom we’re playing with a more lively, 2013 version of “fall”. The colors, patterns and textures all evoke a feeling of fall while keeping everything modern and interesting. We’ve went beyond the typical leaves and pumpkins to find what the heart of fall decor is. Cozy textures, natural elements and warm colors, it’s a new take on the season!

fall table

Design for a Difference

We are thrilled to learn that Deanna Whetstone of Whetstone & Associates has been selected as the South Central Regional winner for Design for a Difference, an International Design Guild contest. As one of four regional winners, Deanna’s charity of choice, Dalton’s Food Pantry, a local Indianapolis charity, will directly benefit with the regional award of a $2,500 flooring allowance.

After her daughter volunteered there, Deanna was touched by the need of those the pantry serves and also by the effectiveness of the volunteers that keep Dalton’s running. This win is only the beginning of what will evolve in to a larger project that will require partnering with other local vendors to create a more functional space. We will keep you updated as the project progresses.