Homework Fun

The kids might disagree but seriously, how fun is this pencil mirror? Isn’t it just perfect for a homework area? Or as part of a homeschool space?


We think the chair is pretty fabulous too. Sadly it does not include any pencil or other random school supply accents. They do make a perfect pair though don’t they?

September Means Fall!

We may be rushing the season a bit but after such heat and humidity it’s nice to think of the fall days that will soon be upon us.

Today at the showroom we’re playing with a more lively, 2013 version of “fall”. The colors, patterns and textures all evoke a feeling of fall while keeping everything modern and interesting. We’ve went beyond the typical leaves and pumpkins to find what the heart of fall decor is. Cozy textures, natural elements and warm colors, it’s a new take on the season!

fall table